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Residential Christmas Tree Recycling Program
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  December 26, 2017
PHILADELPHIA – Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams announced today the Residential Christmas Tree Recycling Program will run from Tuesday, January 2nd through Saturday, January 13th.  The 29-year old program, developed by the Streets Department’s Sanitation Division, provides citizens with an environmentally beneficial alternative for the disposal of used trees.
Residents who wish to drop off their trees to be recycled may take them to the Streets Department Sanitation Convenience Centers open 8am to 6pm from Monday through Saturday.
3033 S. 63rd Street                                    2601 W. Glenwood Avenue
Domino Lane & Umbria Street                  5100 Grays Avenue
State Road & Ashburner Street                  3901 N. Delaware Avenue
There will also be 23 designated locations to drop off Christmas trees throughout the City on Saturdays, January 6th and January 13th from 9am to 3pm. 
For a successful recycling program, residents should make sure that trees are free of all decorations and untied. Christmas trees with decorations cannot be recycled.  Christmas trees present a seasonal addition to the City’s waste stream.  By recycling them and returning them to the earth, we reduce our waste costs and create a valuable resource.
In addition to recycling trees, residents may follow these tips to re-use their trees:
·       Small pine limbs and needles are good winter mulch material for sensitive plants.
·       Trees can also become backyard compost.
·       Trees should not be burned in a fireplace.  The sap from the tree creates foul odors and can coat the chimney with creosote which can cause a fire.
·       Civic associations often offer additional drop-off locations.  Check with your local civic association on their Christmas tree recycling programs. A list of groups can also be found at .
For those households that cannot participate in the recycling program, trees set out for pick up will be collected on regularly scheduled collection day as trash.  
As always, the program is for citizens who receive City collected trash and recycling services. Vendors are responsible for making arrangements for the private disposal of their discarded trees.
Tree recycling information can be found at
In addition to Christmas trees, there are many more items to recycle during this holiday season.  Typically during the holiday season more waste is generated. The City of Philadelphia Recycling Office offers the following suggestions to ensure Philadelphians maximize recycling this holiday season and year round. Citizens are reminded of the three “Rs” as a convenient way to practice recycling. All three “Rs” are equally important to the environment. 
·       Wrapping paper (except glitter or metallic paper), tissue paper and gift tags by tying them up or placing in a brown paper bag for set-out.
·       Glass wine and champagne bottles by rinsing them out, and placing them in your recycling container. You don’t need a blue bin-any sturdy metal or plastic container will do, up to 20 gallons.
·       Other items that can be recycled include soda and beer cans, paper grocery bags, department store sale flyers and catalogs, telephone books and calendars, and New Year’s Eve paper confetti and ticker tape.
·       Newspaper
·       Ribbons and bows
·       Plastic gift cards
·       Plastic grocery bags
·       Gift bags
·       Waste that reaches our landfills
·       Using less tissue paper and decorations in your packaging
·       Using less wrapping paper when wrapping your gifts
For additional information regarding recycling, or any other Streets Department service, please contact the Philadelphia Recycling Office by contacting the Streets Department’s Customer Affairs Unit at (215) 686-5560 or visit us online at  For all City services, call 3-1-1.