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File your Solid Waste and Recycling Plan today!

Having trouble submitting your plan? You may need to contact the Recycling Office if (1) a previous tenant still has a plan on file; or (2) another business in your multi-unit building has already registered a plan with your OPA number. Click here for contact information.

The City of Philadelphia is home to more than 50,000 businesses. These businesses—large and small, family-owned and part of a national corporation, even owners of apartment buildings—all fall under the City of Philadelphia’s Commercial Recycling Law. Just like businesses pay a waste hauler to take away trash, each and every business has to recycle. Complying with the City’s recycling law is not only easy, but it can also be cost neutral or even save money.

Most Philadelphians already recycle at home and have come to expect recycling everywhere they go. By recycling, businesses have the potential to save money and make a favorable impression on their customers.

Commercial Recycling Toolkit

View the Commercial Recycling Toolkit, a one-stop resource for Philadelphia businesses.

  • How to Implement a Successful Recycling Program in PhiladelphiaClick here
  • Best Practices for a Successful Recycling ProgramClick here
  • Business Case StudiesClick here

Reasons to Recycle

  • It’s the law. Since 1994, operators of all commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings have been required to provide for the recycling of the same materials as residents. Penalties for noncompliance can amount to $300 per violation per day.
  • It gives businesses more control over costs. A recycling program can actually save money. The more you recycle, the less garbage you have, which means that you’re in a better position to control costs as trash fees increase.
  • It helps the City’s economy. Recovering the value of materials through recycling creates jobs and spurs Philadelphia’s growing recycling sector. Recycling industries provide jobs for Philadelphians and help boost our city’s economic growth by increasing the tax base.
  • It’s the right thing to do. The environmental benefits of recycling are found at every stage of a consumer product’s lifecycle, from the mining of raw materials to disposal. By redirecting waste to serve as raw materials for industry, recycling conserves valuable natural resources, saves energy used in extracting and processing those resources, reduces greenhouse gases, and decreases air and water pollution from disposal.

Compliance Checklist

  • File a Solid Waste and Recycling Plan.
  • Publicly post your Recycling Plan. A good location is next to your other City of Philadelphia businesses licenses.
  • Distribute copies of your plan to all employees and tenants.
  • Provide adequate recycling containers to employees and tenants. A good rule of thumb is one recycling container per trash can and/or workstation.


Commerical Business Recycling Fact Sheet 

Commericial Business Recyling Flyer

Commerical Business Recycling Dumpster Sticker

Commerical Business Recycling Bin Sticker

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