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Transportation Regulations

Please click the links below to view the regulations:

Designation of Shared Use Sidewalk - 58th Street Greenway

Designation of Shared Use Sidewalk - Port Richmond Trail

Newsstands and Newspaper Honor Boxes

Pedicabs Regulations

Regulation Designating Baxter Trail as a Shared Use Path

Regulation Designating Snow Emergency Routes

Regulation of Banner Program on Streetlights

Regulations Designating Shared use Paths

Regulations for Right-Of-Way Management

Regulations for Surfacing Private Parking Lots

Regulations Governing Applications for the Installation of Curb or Sidewalk Pipe Posts on Paved Sidewalks

Regulations Governing Bus Loading Zones

Regulations Governing Construction of ADA-Compliant Curb Ramps

Regulations Governing Fees and Charges for Various Permitted Actuivities

Regulations Governing Pedestiran Enhancements

Regulations Governing Sidewalk Closure Permits for Construction Activity

Regulations Governing Street Openings, Excavations and Restoration

Regulations Governing the Repair and Reconstruction of Alleys, Driveways and Retaining Walls to Correct Public Health Nuisances

Regulations Implementing Complete Streets

Regulations to Prohibit Parking and Provide for the Towing of Motor Vehicles on Non-Public Streets, Under Certain Terms and Conditions

Standard Specifications for Paving and Repaving

Standard Specifications for Structure Concrete